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About our Products
Ever-Moist Hand and Body LotionsLeaves your body supple
and moisturized without that greasy sticky feeling. 
Available scents:
Rosemary Lavender, New Hampshire Lilac, New England Shores,
Lemongrass, Cranberry Cravings, Sandalwood, Almond, Karma, 
Vanilla Spice, Patchouli and a Little Non-Scents.
2oz. travel $5.50/ 8oz. $13.75
Facial Cleansers and Creams:
Daily Facial Cleanser & Toner: Leaves your skin minty fresh for a clean you can feel.  All the right ingredients to give you a perfect complexion without overworking your skin.
4oz. $13.75
2oz.  $6.75
"Annulment of Time":  A facial firming, toning and lifting cream with Co-Q10 and almond protein suitable for mature skin. 
2oz. $25.00
"Rebellion of Time":  Contains powerful anti-oxidants and the wonders of Vitamin C.  This anti-wrinkle cream helps slow down signs of premature aging.  Use day or night.
2oz. $25.00
"Lip Smackers" - Lip BalmSoftens your lips the natural way....made with reals bees wax and honey.
Bath Products:
"Soothing Soaks": As your skin drinks in the essential oils, your muscles give way to total relaxation .  You deserve it!!  "The Forgotten Art of Bathing" .................................8oz. $6.50
 Rosemary Lavender, New England Shores, Lavender
Goat Milk Soaps: Luxurious creamy and full of suds.
$5.50 each
Rosemary Lavender, New Hampshire Lilac, 
New England Shores,  Cranberry Cravings, Pink Grapefruit, 
Patchouli, Sandalwood, Good Karma, Almond, Lemongrass, Sweet pea, 
Cinnamon, Maine Blueberry and a Little Non-Scents.
Sugar Scrubs: Use in the shower or the bath, leaves your skin delightfully soft with a gentle, lingering fragrance.
10oz $13.75
Cranberry Cravings, Vanilla Spice, New Hampshire Lilac, 
 Good Karma, New England Shores, Rosemary Lavender, Almond,
Pink Grapefruit, Lemongrass and a Little Non-Scents.
Foaming Hand Soap:  Cleanse your hands with our all natural foaming hand soap, great for the kitchen or bath sink. 
                                                       8oz. $9.50
                      Rosemary Lavender, New Hampshire Lilac, 
                           New England Shores and  Just lemon.

Foaming Hand Soap Refill:  Refill your pump two times with this refill bottle.
                                           16oz $13.75

Common Scents: Essential Oil Roll - on.
                 Rosemary Lavender, Good Karma, Sandalwood 
                                      and Patchouli

"Peppermint Pedi" Foot Scrub: Treat your feet to the cooling sensation of peppermint ...................................4oz. $5.00
"Peppermint Pedi" foot scrub and lotion set: 4oz. foot scrub, 2oz. lotion and a pedi groomer..................$12.75
Pit Stop DeodorantPut a stop to odor with our all natural deodorant.
The Great Outdoors:
"Bug Juice" - Deet-free Enjoy the outdoors naturally.
  2oz.  $5.50
  4oz. $10.00
DEET has been associated with dermal and neurological reaction in humans.  The use of Deet in concentrations greater than 30% increases exposure and risk of adverse reactions with little or no benefit in protection
(Cornell University)
"Ivy League" Organic Poison Ivy Relief: Sigh with relief when you apply nature's remedy.
4oz. $9.50
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